Edit all image data question regarding Tags.

Is it possible to set the default view when editing an image so the tags option automatically appears without having to select Edit All Image Data.

Many moons ago I remember being able to edit images from the front end but that was changed for security reason. But as I remember even after that the Tags selector appeared when you opened Edit and Image. Now it appears that you can only view the tags option when editing one image at a time

I am rebuilding a site with 4,000 plus images and have not been able to import the data base files and have found I need to copy and paste the image comments and also re-select all the tags for each image.

Thanks, jakinnaird3321


  • acrylian Administrator
    No, and it was not security why this was changed but because it can exceed POST data limits on some servers. Alternatively you can use the bulk options to add tags. Or you add the tags as meta data to the images itself before uploading if thats possible for you.
  • Thanks, I will try the meta data option.

  • jakinnaird3321

    I am using these and both allow batch work.

    Geosetter - (www.geosetter.de/en)- Used to add location tags to photos

    Irfanview - (www.irfanview.com) Used to add meta tags to photos
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