I had some albums attached to my web page through Ipower. I didn't make any change on them in a while (several years). Now I try to get in but I forgot the password. First I tried to retreive the password using the capcha. I didnt recieved anything. Later, looking on the forum I tried to do some things but clearly now its worst. Now I am not even able to get in the login page and neither see my albums online. The data is there but I need to gain access to them. Could somebody help????

My weppage is www.victormoralesarchitect.com


  • fretzl Administrator
    Not sure what you tried but it seems your database credentials don't match anymore.
    There are two things that need to be done now. And to do so you'll have to be able access your database and access the installation fia FTP
    1) In the database the administartors table has to be deleted.
    2) Use FTP to delete the [path-to-your-installation]/zp-data/zenphoto.cfg.php file.

    This will force Zenphoto to re-install and create a new admin user.
    Note that you will need the right database credentials.
    (ask your host if you don't have them anymore)

    Please ask your host if none of this means anything to you.
  • acrylian Administrator
    I would as the first ask your host if they maybe upgraded or changed anything.
    It might be that your host upgraded your database server respectively its version and something broke. Or simply they changed the name of the database server.

    Also review your emails as all hosts I know generally notify about updates like this.

    You say you didn't change anything for "several years". This hopefully doesn't include no updates to Zenphoto itself…
  • Thanks for your answers. I'll check and come back if I have any questions. Have a great weekend!!!
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