Why does the new user registration end up in the back end admin part?

What an awesome tool! Compliments!
I have two questions:
1. Why does the new user registration after verification end up in the admin part? I would like the new users to only see the front end (gallery, albums) after I approved it. After they newly register, they end up in the back end. They don't really get a message that it's pending approval. Can I easily change this? Maybe a code change?
2. When a new user registers I would like an email. I have checked the box for admins to receive an email when a new user registers but the email is delayed by a very long time. (I use the zenphoto_sendmail). The other emails notifications are directly send.
Many thanks for your help!


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    edited September 2017
    1. Because to Zenphoto all users are the same generally. The are also able to generally edit their account.
      I admit I basically never use user registration myself so I cannot answer right now.

    2. I cannot answer this. It may be the actual provider who sends the mail and may delay it for whatever reason.

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