how to know infos about albums items


some template functions exist to know if an album page have subalbums or images (isAlbumPage() and is ImagePage()). the response depends of the current page displaying the album. ok

but is there a function to know if this album is with subalbums or is only with images, not depending of the current page I am on ?

thanks in advance for your help.


  • sorry for disturbing, I found my response:
    there is two functions in album class for that (getNumAlbums() and getNumImages())

  • acrylian Administrator

    And you always can do similar things using the object model directly without any page context given you have an album object like $_zp_current_album->getNumAlbums(). The global variable $_zp_current_album is of course only set in related page context.

  • of course, you're right.
    I am in album context, so the functions above are working well for my needs.

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