issue in plugin documentation : 404 error


in admin/plugins, for all icon information "more information on [plugin name]", provided links are wrong.

example for admin-approval :
the provided link is:
the right link is (I supose):


  • acrylian Administrator
    edited October 2017

    These links will be removed with the next update as the new doc generator we have to use follows the code structure and not files. It is not possible to link to individual files anymore as files.

    Again I really recommend to use a IDE like Netbeans, Eclipse or the like when coding as that provides also very convenient access to documentation.

  • Of course, you are right. Netbeans or Eclipse are for "good" developers (and are very helpfull to access to function signatures and other documentation).
    Don't forget that some newbies only use text editors, like notepad, to create php and css files and internal documentation is very helpfull too.

  • acrylian Administrator

    It is not possible otherwise as the documentation is generated from the documentation within the code. The actual code structure is not that dependend on the actual file structure (relations of classes for example). Also the generator itself focusses on object orientated code and a lot of Zenphoto is plain procedural.

    Some general relations are explained on our user guide.

    We have describe some internal relations like the object model and theme basics on our user guide. For all that goes deeper you need some more knowledge anyway. So you will have to look into files sooner or later anyway.

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