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Just a quick question about this awesome CMS. If one user commented on a specific album or picture, an email is send to the admin. If a second user comments also on the same album or picture. Will both of them get a notification email after the second user commented as kind of like a discussion tool? Similar to what Facebook does? Or is it only the admin who get's the comments email. If no, is this hard to create?


  • acrylian Administrator
    edited November 2017

    No, only the admin gets that email as the comment_form option says for possible moderation needs.

    It also would be a privacy issue to just at leat over here if anyone who entered an email address on a comment could get mails. We would have to have a double optin facility for this so the person entered the mailadress is really the person that owns it. Which is why this will not be added. If you really need this you would have to create your own custom comment form plugin.

    You can subscribe to the rss feed of comments instead.

  • Right, good point on the privacy matter. Thanks for your quick reply!

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