News items per album group



  • Thank you so much! You rock!!!

  • This would be so awesome! Also if it would be possible with pages as well! You can fully control viewing rights then. If you move forward with this, will this be another support build? Or is this scheduled for a later build? Thanks!!

  • acrylian Administrator

    That will be a later build. Can't say when I get to investigate this. But when it is in you will see it on the post of that release.

  • Much appreciated!

  • sbillard Member
    edited January 9
  • Eddie Member

    What do you mean? You mean paid support?

  • fretzl Administrator

    No, it's not about paid support ;-)

    sbillard left the Zenphoto project several years ago and now runs his own GitHub Zenphoto fork.
    I guess this is his way of telling you that his fork has a solution for your request.
    Of course it's up to you if you want to check it out but be aware that his fork is a different project.

  • Eddie Member

    Really, a different fork? Ha ha. Seems like I landed myself in some Zenphoto politics.. I am very glad with the tool and help so far. Acrylian and Vincent have helped me a lot. If these changes seem quite minor, is there not a way that these changes can be made on a support build in Zenphoto? I'd rather stick with the official Zenphoto.. :smile:

  • fretzl Administrator

    Sorry but not right away.
    Unless contributions are submitted via "pull requests" we are very limited in what we can do.
    Please understand that we are a very small team and we work on the Zenphoto project in our spare time.
    All I can say now is that your request is a valid one and it is on our list.

  • Eddie Member

    I fully understand. Thanks for the amazing job so far!

  • if it may usefull, as a workaround, you may create as many subdomains as necessary for each family (,,...)
    then install as many zenphoto as necessary on these subdomains.
    on each domain, you have only users of a familly.
    and then protect each zenphoto with a specific password.
    of course, with that, there is no shared albums or news, and you have to adminstrate few zenphoto instance...

  • Eddie Member

    Thanks for your kind help Vincent! That is indeed another good option. However, I think I am going to stick with the current solution and wait for the change. I really enjoy the current set-up.

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