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Hello Masters, a few months ago I promised to report to showcase my template so voilà -! the site works on its own template called WALL, it is adapted for huge amounts of photos in one place, both - large and small sizes. It is based on paid, free and self-scripted php and Jquery scripts. Unfortunately, due to the permanent lack of time, the site is still not finished and I think it will never be :-)


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    edited December 2017

    Looks nice. Will add it to the showcase gallery soon.

    A bit huge and a lot scrolling. Good for mobile but for desktop (no, not dead ;-)) I would have opted for at least two columns ;-)

    The menu at the bottom seems not work or at least I don't understand it. Probably because I see lots of js issues in the browser log.

    Well, as you say websites are by definition never finished - contentwise for sure ;-)

  • O yes - its big and heavy , I know that, but the web pages with small tiny pictures are a lot, and all of them exept ornaments looks the same. I just dont want another instagam or facebook, rather next 500px, so if somebody hes some time to spend and see, just welcome :-) thats my idea
    The additional reason for this look are panoramas - they do not look good as small pictures with a small height ..

    I know that this site is full of errors but I really wanted to inspire someone somehow, maybe someone will program it well done for the benefit of others :-)

    Well, I have no idea why menu doesn't works??? It allways worked... :-(

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    Sure, I understand the reason behind large photos and I see you don't use it on every album.

    But anyway, it's your site so all is fine anyway. Don't listen to me ;-) We really welcome custom made site designs like this that show what you can do with ZP.

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