Error: "Target does not exists in .... theme"

These dots are the name of each theme that I chose. An error is reported when I add a new album to the manager menu. The error is also visible in the manager menu on the page in the form of displaying a link instead of the title. Anyway, in every place where there should be a title is the name of the link. Does anyone have an idea where I can look for a mistake? Recently I made two changes on the site, i modified menu_manager.php and upgrade zenphoto to version 1.4.14 and it was all almost simultaneously so I did not notice which was ...
But when I change menu_manager.php to the original it does not change ...


  • acrylian Administrator

    I think I don't understand the issue completely. How do you add the album to the menu? There are several ways to add an item. For albums there is a specific album item type.

    Since you didn't mention which theme you use, I can only suggest to try an official one. The error might refer to your theme not being setup, e.g. an album.php page missing so albums cannot be displayed. Or something else. A link would really help.

    If you get errors on your front end you should disable error display on your server. You can do this with a line of php or via htacces or even via the backend of your hosts, might depend on your host.

  • Oh, I think I've found a bug and solution at the same time, I'm sending pictures for a better understanding of what's going on. And the point is that zenphoto also accepts album names and links to them with dots at the end - as at the end of this sentence - so I apologize for misunderstanding ...
    and thank you very much for your help :-)
    Best regards, Jerzy

  • acrylian Administrator
    edited December 2017

    Since the album name is the filesystem name it might depend on the system what works. On a webserver I would recommend to not use this since .. means a directory up.

    You should enable the seo_zenphoto plugin as that will generate your album names on creation to web compatible names. There is a plugin named seo_cleanup that can do this afterwards for existing albums (and image filenames) or if you upload via ftp as then the above plugin will naturally not apply.

  • Ok, I will do that as You said! thank You Acrylian

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