Existing Photo Folder Setup


Happy to be re-directed to the appropriate thread, but I really honestly can't find it.

I'm trying to set my existing photos direcctory on my NAS as the zenphoto 'album'.

My directory structure is:

Photo directory = '/volume1/One Drive/SORTED PHOTOS'
Zenphoto directory = /volume1/web/zenphoto

I have tired to change the zenphoto.cfg.php file in zp-data but it gives me a 'Error: The “albums” directory (//volume1/One Drive/SORTED PHOTOS/) cannot be found. message from:


I'm sure this is simple but I'm struggling - any quick help / redirection is much appreciated.

Thanks a bunch,


  • acrylian Administrator
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    I have no experience or knowledge about NAS. Did you set $conf[album_folder_class] = 'external', too? Since your folder is not in the webroot of the install. You also might need to include your computers full path in the url, too.

  • I def. have used the 'external' setting:

    $conf['album_folder'] = ' Drive/SORTED PHOTOS/';
    $conf['album_folder_class'] = 'external';

    I tried adding the ip address since the original post and no luck.

    What I did want to confirm was after I make this mod, do I just go back to the myip/zenphoto/index.php page? Or do I have to re-setup?

  • Have I got the server address syntax right, my NAS structure looks like:

    /volume1/one drive/etc

    do I need to // before volume1 to signal that volume one is in the root directory?

  • acrylian Administrator
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    Are you really sure this is the full absolute path internally? Is that directory technically on the server? Outside the same server Zenphoto is installed it will not work. Symlinks may be a workaround.

    Or is maybe a specific port number required?

    What path does the backend on the overview page show?

    Again, I am sorry I have no knowledge about NAS and if this actually works.

  • The folder path is the server path, so the ip address is not correct.

    $conf['album_folder'] = '/volume1/One Drive/SORTED PHOTOS/';
    With folders that are not in the path the web server serves there are a lot of restrictions. If you can move the folder into the WEB path (presumably /volume1/web/...) you would be better off.

    As Vincent mentions, symlinks might be a means of accomplishing this if the physical folder cannot be relocated.

  • Thanks sbillard and Vincent.

    I'm currently playing around with symlinkls, struggling a bit but I'll get there.

    In terms of folders that are not in the path the web server serves, is that a permissions thing?

  • acrylian Administrator
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    I am not Vincent btw… No idea where this comes from…

    Sort permissions thing as accessing external places via PHP is quite a bit different operation than accessing files on a local filesystem. Zenphoto is completely file system based regarding albums and images. Other than on other systems here the file system updates the database. Simplyfied speaking.

    Also please take a look here:

  • In terms of folders that are not in the path the web server serves, is that a permissions thing?

    It is really a browser addressing thing. URLs all are based on the "root" of your web server. Anything outside of that base is not visible/accessible to a WEB browser. Zenphoto can "work around" this because it has an image processor that runs on the server itself. That code can access anything on the server and deliver the content to the WEB browser. Of course this is much less efficient than the Browser fetching the file directly.

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