What is security_ack?
What is it for?
Can't find any docu about that.


  • acrylian Administrator

    No idea, nothing from Zenphoto itself. Where does this appear?

  • zp-data/zenphoto.cfg.php

  • acrylian Administrator
    edited January 21

    I have no idea where this would come from. Never seen that and cannpt find a reference to this so far. It is for sure not part of the default Zenphoto config file.

    Try to remove it and see if it returns. The server log perhaps has some access to the config file if it is changed somehow.

  • Comparing my zenphoto_cfg.txt with github then:

    I am missing line 77

    and in line 92 and 93 I have:
    $conf['security_ack'] = 2;
    $conf['FILESYSTEM_CHARSET'] = "UTF-8";

  • acrylian Administrator

    I see it on our live site as well but none of my other (local) sites. Somehow I don't remember this at all, probably setup adds it on certain occasions.

    Will take a look later.

  • acrylian Administrator
    edited January 21

    Found it finally, it was a bit hidden and my IDE didn't search setup files because I had them protected….

    So it is from a setup specific function named acknowledge(). It sets this if you decided to ignore these issues setup reported:

    • display errors on
    • register globals on

    Both should be off generally.

  • Thanks for investigating!

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