Forum + external scripts/sources

Is it possible to replace external resources - which are currently integrated with the forum - against internal solutions?

It's fantastic that you've replaced GoogleAnalytics with Piwik and that the project is hosted within the EU
and it would be also great if you could get rid of

I wouldn't expect forum users to get nervous if the forum would be a bit slower then... It's super fast anyway.


  • acrylian Administrator

    Sorry, no, we are using reCaptcha for spam fighting which is using this script I think. I think it is not possible to host this as it is dependent on that.

    We sadly have to use what plugins are available for spam fighting. Available alternatives are few and were not better being also externally dependent or too much spam got through. Sorry this is the best option currently. This is also why we use that on the main site for the contact form.

  • I see.

    It's just "confusing" that - when external sources are dissabled - the amount of unread posts is increasing constantly.
    And I can't reset it, if I don't allow external script and source.
    And I think other functions are not available...

  • acrylian Administrator

    I just looked. The only external script from googleapis (except reCaptcha only on register forms) seems to be jquery. I don't know why the forum creators do this but I have no idea currently if this can be changed easily at all.

  • Thank you for taking action! :D

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