Album vs. dynamic album

I know what an album is. :)
But I don't understand the approach of an dynamic album.

When and where is it wise to prefer an dynamic album over an real album?


  • I read this page and I still didn't get it. :(
    Or it's my lousy English or I don't understand it from a technical or (for me) logical point of view.

  • acrylian Administrator

    It is really simple. Zenphoto is file system based so any album is a real physical album on the file system within the albums folder. Dynamic albums are saved searches (by tag whatever) and collect from other albums.

  • Part 1 is fine with me.

    Part 2 is tricky.
    If dynamic albums are search or tag-results, why does the backend offer me the option to create dynamic album if these dynamic albums are created automaticly by the frontend users?
    Or did I mix things up in the BE - again? :D

  • acrylian Administrator
    edited January 24

    I think you mix up things ;-) Loggedin users with the appropiate rights can create dynamic albums. Nothing is created automatically.

    Btw, tag results are also search results.

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