Howto: User-group + sub-album management

Howto set up the user and group rights of following scenario?

Goal is to have user(s) assigned to their "home album" and belonging sub-albums - but they are not allowed to modify the "head-album".
Their "home album" is already a sub or sub-sub album or even deeper of the "head-album".
And these users are allowed to do what ever they wish within their "home album" and sub-albums, but they are not allowed to play in the head album and other any other sub-album of this head album.

We have "family A" with dad + mum + kid1 + kid2

There is as "head-album" eg

as sub albums we have

  • "family_album_A"
  • "family_album_B"
  • "family_album_C
    Within "family_album_A" are sub-albums such as

Holiday 1
Holiday 2
Holiday 3



On the server it would look like

both kids must be assigned to their "home albums" only - which is kid1 or kid2
There they must have all rights while they are not allowed to mess around in all other folders.
In the BE - group settings the admin will set image storage quota for them.

The parents must must have an own group where they have access and all rights inside the family home album and subalbums. eg. /albums/private_albums/family_album_A/*
For this group I also need to adjust the quota storage.

And the best would be, that I have general group settings for all families (A, B, C) so if we change the quota there, it has effect on all family parents or family kids.

Hopefully I was able to transport the message :)


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    edited January 2018

    Sorry, that is currently not possible as you can only assign rights to those top level albums. It's on the list but not for 1.4.x anymore.

  • Currently means?
    Is this in the pipeline as "must have" in a future version?
    Which future version w/could this be?

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    edited January 2018

    It means it is under consideration for the next major release we are working on for some time. Sadly that will still take quite some time until it is really ready as we are doing some bigger changes (incl. reworked backend).

  • In case the BE is the showstopper.
    Would it be possible to "play" directly in the database to make these settings?

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    No, any subalbum inherits from the top level. It inherits by internal code checks and not by direct database settings.

    Sorry if this is a showstopper for you.

  • I am bringing this subject up again.
    I would love to use ZP as community application and therefore this feature is needed / a must have.

    Imagine the first menue level with hundreds of links to community members... :)

    Can I push the devs to work on this matter so ZP could have this feature by the end of 2019?


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    Generally yes, we have it already on our list for the next major release ;-)

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