FR: BE picture upload progress bar

Feature request:
Our users expressed an upload progress bar as missing in the BE while waiting during the file upload.


  • you should use image(jquery) loader plugin.
    it offers upload progress bar.

  • But the jquery-uploader uses external sources. :(
    If privacy matters, then this plugin can't be used.

  • acrylian Administrator
    edited January 31

    It uses jquery from jquery because it require a newer one than we currently ship. We generally don't edit third party tools we adapt becuase that always causes trouble on updates. But I will take a look where this is called and if it can be changed.

    I really understand the privacy concern but this is really not that problemtic…

  • acrylian Administrator

    I looked and it requested the same jquery we use currenty and it was not even the 3rd party script requesting the external one indeed.

    The support build has the fix. It should also work with the 1.4.14 release.

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