SEO URL for full image?

What do I have to do to ensure that the full images get an SEO URL?
I have activated colorbox.

The full image URL:


in the source code:

<div id="image"><strong><a href="/zp-core/full-image.php?a=land-xyz/asdfghjk&amp;i=PICT0023.JPG&amp;q=75&amp;wmk=%21&amp;dsp=Protected%20view&amp;check=a67bfe9d0c89713d651f13cff7a04d944812f233" title="PICT0023" class="fullimage cboxElement"><img src="/cache/land-xyz/asdfghjk/PICT0023_600.jpg" alt="PICT0023" width="400" height="600"></a></strong></div>


  • acrylian Administrator

    That is the protected full image url. Disable the related option and you get the plain direct url to the albums folder place.

  • Puh, i have found it.

    Full image protection:
    Disable hotlinking
    cache the full image
    Dropdown: Unprotected

    But, I have probably changed something wrong, but do not know what. Now the resize images are with these protected URLs. Where do I put this?

  • acrylian Administrator

    Did you maybe enable "protected image cache"?

  • Options
    "Protect image cache": is uncheck

  • wibbi Member
    edited February 28

    wohoo, eventually a time leg? chache? yet it works. Thanks!
    ...aah, browser cache, maybe.

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