Sort combined image/album thumbs?

I have a specific question about displaying in album pages of image thumbs and album thumbs.

There is the option in "Options -> Theme -> Transition -> separate / combined"

"combined" is good. But, how about sorting? For me, the image thumbs are currently displayed under the album thumbs. Is it even possible to sort the image thumbs via the album thumbs? And is it possible that there is no line break between the two?


  • acrylian Administrator

    Not possible, the album thumbs and image thumbs are printed by different loops and are separate items. The "combined" referes not for a real combination (e.g. mixing them) but sharing the page as you can have first albums and image thumbs on the next page always. Or fill remaining space on the albums page thumbs on the album thumb page.

    To get a real mix page where they are sorted inbetween you would have to create a complete custom solution.

    I think usability wise the separation makes sense as these are different items. I personally never mix that on sites at all, either an album has just images or further sub albums.

    Sidenote: in the future the related options for rows/columns will be removed as they don't make any sense in especially responsive layout anymore. So don't rely on them in any case anymore, it is absolutely up to the theme layout and not options.

  • wibbi Member

    By default, albums and images are always separate for me. So no images in parent albums, but only in the lowest level. But, there are exceptions where it makes sense. and I have such an exception, or I had a hard time to decide, but it is good.

    I have made the basic theme too responsive. You then no longer need the setting "x thumbs in a row". There are always as many thumbs displayed next to each other as there is space. However, I have equipped the theme with a max-width, because too much responsive is not good either.
    But, at Gallery3 I had the thumbs with width: x% and they have enlarged and reduced to a certain width. The setting "x thumbs in a row" makes sense again.

    With the problem with the album and image thumbs I have just seen that it is a matter of the theme. So it would be customizable in the theme code.

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