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"once upon a time..." when I was using cache stored images tab, all pictures used in my news were cached.
now (and I do not know since when), only one picture in one news is cached.
The result is:
0 image processor references found. 1 cached image reference found. 1 reference re-cached.

All pictures in other news are cached only when I visit the news.

An example of non cached pictures in a news :
The only example of cached pictures in only a news:

I can't figure where is the matter.


  • acrylian Administrator

    Can't say either right now. But in the future we might change these embedded images to use a marco instead of plain html so this is not an issue anymore.

    Did you check if maybe you just see a static html cached page?

  • of course, I visit my cache folders on server side before asking :-)

  • acrylian Administrator

    Just wanted to be sure ;-)

  • Hi Vincent:

    Maybe you have fixed that first page, or maybe I don't understand. When I visited the page all the images appear to be present. Is the problem with the cache manager not finding the images?

  • hi
    step to reproduce:
    -I delete the image cache
    -I use "cache stored images" of "cache manager": only one image in a news is found and cached
    -I have to visit the news to cache the included pictures of my gallery


    I can't figure why zenphoto can't see and cache them

  • acrylian Administrator

    If you have these urls /cache/album_name/picture_name_wXXX_hYYY_cwZZZ_chKKK_cxLLL_cyMMM.jpg of course the cacheManager does not see them this is the url of an already cached image. If I am not mistaken it looks for image processor urls using i.php.

  • vincent3569 Member
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    have a look on the note:

    This utility scans the database for images references that have been stored there. If an image processor URI is discovered it will be converted to a cache file URI. If the cache file for the image does not exist, a caching image reference will be made for the image.

    in fact, this utility is supposed to look for cache file URI and generate cache image if not exist.

  • acrylian Administrator

    Might be that it does both, as mentioned I haven't looked at the actual code what it does.

    As mentioned in the future image (and other things) embedded via tinyMCE will probably use a content macro so statically uncached image url will not happen anymore. This also might have some other advantages. But of course the disadvantage will be that within the editor there will be no preview.

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