issue with locale theme translations?

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I noticed something strange with locale theme translations called by gettext_th().
when I read the code (, I understand that the po files must have the same name of the theme folder name.

example with my theme zpBoostrap.
the po files are named zpBoostrap.po in each language directories.
the theme name in theme_description.php is zpBoostrap
but the folder name may be called by another name (ie zpBoostrap-2.0, because of github processsing).
In that case my locale translations of my theme doesn't work.
and I have to think to rename my theme folder name.

as experienced user, I noticed it and I think about it when I install a new theme.
but for newbies (which don't think to rename the theme folder name), it may causes translation issues.

I think there is somewhere a confusion between theme name (this is a stable information) and theme folder name (that may change ie with versionning).

note there is no matter with zenphoto locale translations gettext() because in setupDomain() (, the domain name is forced to zenphoto (I assume that is the po filename), and no matter what is the real folder name of this zenphoto installation.

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