Zenphoto has detected a change in your installation.

I have replaced all files with core hacks with untouched originals and still receive this message:

Zenphoto has detected a change in your installation.

The script functions-basic.php has changed.

The change detected may not be critical but you should run setup at your earliest convenience.

What could that be?


  • acrylian Administrator

    Your change it is… Run setup so you get a new internal install signature.

    Support build has also a way to ignore this if you know this is not an important change.

  • wibbi Member

    Oh. Once a change has been detected, it will be reported repeatedly until a setup is executed, even if the change has been canceled?

  • acrylian Administrator

    It also has to do with file times and some other stuff. Just re-run setup, it does no harm if all is already installed but will update the signature.

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