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The link rel canonical in the html_meta_tags plugin don't work right. In a image page over a search result page is not the album/image URL put in the link rel canonical, but the current URL.
<link rel="canonical" href="">


  • acrylian Administrator
    edited March 2018

    Sorry, I don't understand. What url is where wrong? The canonical url is meant to be the current url where the image is located. In search resultes and within a dynamic album (= "saved search") it willl point to that original location, too.

  • wibbi Member
    edited March 2018

    It does not seem to do it. In my test the URL of the image was displayed in the dynamic album as canonical URL, not the URL to the original image page.

    The static album:

    The dynamic album:

    The canonical link rel in the linked image page from a dynamic album:
    <link rel="canonical" href="">

    Sorry. Test with the Links in the thumbs in the popups in the OSM map in a dynamic album. Puuuuh..., very complicated.

  • acrylian Administrator

    Okay, thanks. I will try to reproduce that. The canonical image page should be the one of the original album and if it doesn't it may be a bug.

    Also please always try the support build as a change might be there already. I primarily test with that since it is the next version.

  • vincent3569 Member
    edited March 2018


    as far I can test for the same picture (in an original album and in a dynamic album):

    in image page from a search: cannoncial url is good (link to the picture from its original album)
    <link rel="canonical" href="http://xxxxxxxx/album_name/sub_album_name/img_6129.jpg.html">

    in image page from a dynamic album: cannoncial url isn't good (link to the picture from the dynamic album)
    <link rel="canonical" href="http://xxxxxxxx/dynamic_album_name/img_6129.jpg.html">

  • acrylian Administrator

    Okay, that would be indeed a bug then. I assume you did test the support build?

  • yes of course

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