Theme zpmobile animated GIF

Hello everyone,

i need a little help :) , i have a small issue, i need to view gif animated on thumb or list of image. It's work on zentheme and not to mobile theme.

I found my issue on image.php on line 41 :

i change by this with : getFullImageURL()

if (isImagePhoto()) {
image" alt="<?php printBareImageTitle(); ?>" style="max-width:<?php echo getDefaultWidth(); ?>px"/>

It's work.

But i need this option on list view in album .

In album.php i found this code but it doesn't work.
I change by album.php from zen theme , i have the same issue, i don't think is the right file.

<?php $count = ''; while (next_image()): $count++; switch($count) { case 1: $imgclass = ' ui-block-a'; break; case 2: $imgclass = ' ui-block-b'; break; case 3: $imgclass = ' ui-block-c'; break; case 4: $imgclass = ' ui-block-d'; $count = ''; // reset to start with a again; break; } ?> " href="<?php echo html_encode(getImageURL());?>" title="<?php printBareImageTitle();?>"> <?php printCustomSizedImage(getAnnotatedImageTitle(), NULL,230, 230, 230, 230, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, True, NULL); ?> <?php endwhile; ?>

Can you help me please ? :)



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