Album Title - not possible to set

Version 1.4.14.

If: Egenskaper/Allmäna/Språk: Only Swedish checked. (Preference Swedish.)
Then: Egenskaper/Galleri/Gallerinamn: Is NOT possible to save.

If: Options/General/Language: Swedish and English is checked. Preference Swedish.
Then: Options/Gallery/Gallery title: IS possible to save.


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    Any errors in the server logs? What is your database/database table collation? What title - I mean the word(s) - did you try to set that does not work? We would need that to try to reproduce it.

  • Thank you for a very quick answer.
    I am very new to error logs and the server (x10hosting) (and ZenPhoto...).
    But I will try to find out now.

    collation: utf8_general_ci (utf8_swedish_ci givs the same result)
    title tested: TEST

    It seems that the function process_language_string_save('gallery_title', 2) returns an empty result.
    (IF my serching went right...)

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    You can look at thte Zenphoto own error log. But the server side PHP (and MySQL) error log may have more details so it is always useful to know where that is. Sadly it's different on each host.

    Your topic titlte is a bit misleading as process_language_string_save('gallery_title', 2) is the gallery title and not an album title.

    Just tried to reproduce it with only Svedish checked and all worked as expected for me…

    • Sorry about the topic title, but it is the same problem with album titles as gallery title.

    I happened to erase Zenphoto debug log. (The meaning was to reset.)
    So I replaced it with a new empty debug.log file (utf-8) in the zp-data folder.
    If that is ok:

    • No debug error after pressing "Apply" in Egenskaper/Galleri/Gallerinamn
      (only Svedish checked version).
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    I have tried and I couldn't reproduce this issue… Sorry, I have no idea currently.

  • Thank you for trying!
    I come back if I find a solution.

  • wibbi Member
    edited April 2018

    I happened to erase Zenphoto debug log.

    Please only duplicate it at the next time and delete only the content in the original file (the text).
    duplicate it as: debug.log-YYYYMMDD (dateformat)

    Enabling error reporting by

    The "gallery title" is only one name for your zenphoto gallery.

    The "album titles" are always the titles of the current album you are visited. There are differentiate in parent album title, current album title and sub album titles.

    Please try a test direcly in the database and write the title directly into a database table cell. Only for the test. This is possible with phpmyAdmin. Or use an INSERT INTO SQL command directly in the database. Make a copy of the database table before.

  • Thank you for all suggestions!

    • Did deletion of debug.log actually "destroy" anything?

    • Even If error reporting is enabled , I don't think log-reading is possible in my free x10hosting account.

    • I know about the different titles.

    • I can set titles by checking English (besides Swedish).
      Therefor it's not necessary to use phpmyAdmin.
      (But I don't like to do it that way.)

  • wibbi Member
    edited April 2018

    Did deletion of debug.log actually "destroy" anything?

    No. It's only "best practice".

    Even If error reporting is enabled , I don't think log-reading is possible in my free x10hosting account.

    Maybe yet the zenphoto logs are filling. There are three logs.

    I can set titles by checking English (besides Swedish).
    Therefor it's not necessary to use phpmyAdmin.
    (But I don't like to do it that way.)

    Mak it only for a test, because of database charset settings. Sometimes such a test is very useful, as simple as it is.

    Can you write here the title in swedish?

    Have you make core hacks, editing zenphoto source code, modding, or similar?

    Search for function process_language_string_save

    • Nothing in Zenphoto logs

    • title is "TEST"

    • I wait to go into tables. Problem is in php-files(?):

    • Just now I'm very much into zenphoto source code.
      From "function process_language_string_save"
      to function "generateLanguageList", which I think gives the error.

    "function process_language_string_save" returns
    'a:1:{s:5:"en_US";s:4:"TEST";}' (swedish+english)
    'a:0:{}' (swedish only)

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    We don't know where the issue is since I was not able to reproduce it sadly…

    "function process_language_string_save" returns

    'a:1:{s:5:"en_US";s:4:"TEST";}' (swedish+english)
    'a:0:{}' (swedish only)

    I think I see your issue now. If you enabled Swedish and English did you also enable multilingual mode?

    If not all uses the default English (no matter what language you enter) to store the data. If you then disable English, there is no Swedish content and therefore empty. 1.4.14 has a bug that non active language content is deleted actually and not kept.

    The support build has some updates in that area. If you can please try that (best not an important live site)

  • I'm glad that it ended up as a bug report ; -)

    Now I have made a clean re-installation with only Swedish checked.
    Setting titles now works.

    I dont think it helped to check multilingual when the problem had started. But I don't remember in what orders I tried that.

    Should I try/use the support build anyway?
    (Only using swedish)

  • Well, I se now that swedish language is marked as outdated.
    Does that mean that it is "dangerous" to use?

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    edited April 2018

    No, that does not make it dangerous. It is just that this translation is incomplete not covering all static strings to translation. It does not affect content you add yourself.

    I am very well certain that the issue you encountered is related to the issue I mentioned. If you can please try the support build on another install.

  • Maybe I could reproduce the issue on a clean normal build first.
    What do you think I shall do to succed?

    On the support build:
    What steps will show the difference?

    (I don't have the best understanding of checking languages and multi)

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    edited April 2018

    On the support build: What steps will show the difference?

    Just do what you did with the 1.4.14. install. The support build is to become 1.5 later and installed like any "normal" release. So testing it helps us not to ship possible bugs again.

  • I don't remember what I did with the 1.4.14. install...
    But I will try.

  • I'm not able to reproduce the issue on the "normal" release.

    When I had the issue I never set the title in multi-language mode.
    Now I saw, for the first time, the two fields for the two languages titles.

    If I now, for example, set a title in english- language-only-"mode" and change to singel-swedish the title is preserved, and possible to change.

    Maybe I have not understood what you mean with to "the issue I mentioned"?

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    Okay, maybe you just encountered a glitch only. Keep an eye on it.

    The issue I mentioned refers to how strings are stored in the database. There was an issue that between switching between languages and/or mutlilingual those language content would be removed unwantedly. Multilingual capable fields are always stored as array (entry per language) no matter if you are actually using multilingual mode or not. (attempt to explain it simply ;-))

  • Be sure I will come back if it happens again.
    Thank you!

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