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[Malte, sending you best wishes to you and your family at this difficult time.]

Zenphoto is my favorite server-side photo software, and it is the core of a photo sharing site with my family and friends. Can anyone recommend tweaks and plugs to make it more of a community? Right now, users can

  1. see each other's uploads by albums and
  2. comment on photos. It would be great if users could login once and interact with each other more on our Zenphoto site, such as with forums or a Buddypress linkup.

Have you had luck with integration of forums, Wordpress' Buddypress, or any other socializing feature? Many thanks.


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    Thanks for your note. Very appreciated.

    Glad to your that you like Zenphoto. I have re-formatted your post a bit for better readability ;-)

    I do know Buddypress periphericallly from WP but WP is really a platform of its own. It will be really hard to get such together.

    It is possible to use forum software (for example with Vanilla forums we use here) is a replacements of comments so the forum and on page comments are tied together.

    I am not sure if this is isn't a bit over the top for Zenphoto to but I neither have tried nor investigated it.

    There is a federated login plugin that could be extended to cover other systems. But honestly I never had use for it myself so it actually is sort of "unsupported" although included…

  • anand Member

    Thank you for your feedback. At least it is good to know I wasn't missing anything.

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