1.5: Change in Thumbnail Filename generation

MarkRH Member
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Updated to 1.5 and use a Garland based theme (I copied over the changes). I noticed that all my thumbnails are being regenerated with different filenames. Old name: air-filter-replacement-comparison_150_cw150_ch150_thumb.jpg and new name: air-filter-replacement-comparison_150_w150_h150_thumb.jpg

What would account for this change? I think the cw and ch is related to thumbnail cropping? Should it still be doing this if my thumbnails are still being cropped. Trying to find the part of code that determines if "cw" and "ch" is added.

https://gallery.markheadrick.com/ is the one I just updated.

Actually, I don't care one way or the other, but just wanted to know the intended behavior.



  • acrylian Administrator

    I don't remember every detail change - as there were a lot small ones over the last year - but we had to change something in regard to sidecar (video etc.) thumbs that were not properly cropped, how the cache manager handles default image sizes and we added a missing crop parameter to one image function.

    In any case since Zenphoto generates imaes when needed this is no issue. Just clear the cache as usual and all is regenerated automatically or via the cache manager.

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