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Hi all!

I installed ZenPhoto 1.5 (Official build) on a shared hosting in 1and1. The point is that they don't support PHP Imagick, they support ImageMagick binary but not the PHP library on top of it.

I have been using Gallery2 and Gallery3 in the past and both of them used ImageMagick without the PHP layer. As of now, I am in a trial to evaluate ZenPhoto and I have big pictures (4k x 2k) and GD finally complains about the size. With ImageMagick on Gallery2 I never had those issues.

I would like to ask you if you have any plans to do the same in order to allow users on hosting sites like 1and1 to getting the advantages of ImageMagick. Or does any one of you created an imagemagick graphic plugin?? Is it feasible to write such a plugin? I just had a look to the development documentation but I didn't find anything like this, nor whethere there is such a hook.

Thank you in advance.


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    edited July 2018

    It would surely be possible to add another graphics handler but due to lacking resources and except you not that much demand (as far as I remember) we have no plans to do so. Most of the time even GD is working find given there is enough memory of course.

    It would not really be possible as a plugin as these are core libraries so there is no hooks for this and not planned. Currently there are lib-gd.php and lib-imagick.php handling these. Any implementation must stricly follow those.

    It should be noted that in the planned next major release we are working on behind the scenes there will be some internal restructuring affecting the structure of these libraries.

  • MarkRH Member

    Seems kinda silly that 1and1 supports the binary use but not the PHP module. Luckily my shared hosting does support it.

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    I agree. Our host does as well. I would suggest to ask 1and1 if they can do anything. Maybe it is installed already but just not enabled.

  • miceno Member
    edited July 2018

    Thank you for your answers!

    I asked 1nad1 and they have reported it as not supported in this page: . It is only in Spanish, but it clearly says they don't support imagick PHP extension.

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    Then I sadly fear you have to use GD instead…

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