After upgrading to 1.5 all cache files for zpArdoise are being regenerated



  • After 1.5.1 upgrade I am still having exact same problems. Cache Manager does not generate correctly named thumbnails, for albums or gallery. I have documented this meticulously, but this archaic forum does not allow any intuitive way to post images.

    Very frustrated with the Cache Manager.

    Please post procedure to post screen captures in a post.

    Thank you.

  • Also, on my local server using Xampp, the Cache Manager hangs after working on 65-90 images, and does not process any images after that point. Documented this behavior about 8 times.

    As I reported 5 months ago, I have to regenerate all thumbnails for a gallery with 14,000 images due to a naming convention change introduced, in 1.5. I have to do this locally and upload to my cache on my Godaddy server.

    I used to be able to at least run the Cache Manager on 1000's of images, now it hangs after 100.

  • tplowe56 Member
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    Okay, here are the screen captures of the two sets of files generated.

    Live View, user generated cache files
    Live View, user generated cache files

    Cache Manager generated files
    Cache Manager generated files

  • vincent3569 Member, Translator
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    hi tplowe56,

    I think it is an issue from my theme zpArdoise as there are two sizes for the thumbnails and the pictures (85 or 150, 555 or 700, if you use galleriffic or not).

    I am working on it, but for now, I am unable to solve the cache thumb size wih galleriffic (85 pixels thumb size).

    a workaround is to not use cache manager for 85px thumb size, and let create the cache image by users, you or real visitors (it takes time only the first visit).

    stay tuned...

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
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    @tplowe56 We have reverted an unnecessary change regarding cache file naming we more or less accidentally introduce in 1.5. I think even we may have had a lengthly discussion about that specific issue. So this may be involved additionally to the zpArdoise theme specifics I am not familiar with.

  • vincent3569 Member, Translator


    another workaround that works only if you use standard thumbnails (without Custom thumbnail cropping)

    in Admin>Options>Plugin>cacheManager, define a specific cache size as following:

    Size: 85 Width: 85 Height:85 Crop width:85 Crop height:85
    and Thumbnail checked
    live other fields empty.

    as far I can test, it works fine and the cached thumb images by plugin are the same as those generated by visitors.

  • vincent3569 Member, Translator


    @tplowe56, please try the support build of zpArdoise:

    a good idea before doing anything:
    in Admin>Options>Plugin>cacheManager, remove all values for "Image caching sizes".

    then goes to Admin>Options>Theme>zpArdoise and valid your options.

    after that, in Admin>Overview>cache Manager you should have at least these values:

    • Apply Default thumb size (or manual crop): gives thumb cache images with 150px (and you may have Custom thumbnail cropping)
    • Apply Default sized image size: gives cache images with 700px, for images.php
    • all sizes for zpArdoise
      • Apply 85_w85_h85_cw85_ch85_thumb: gives thumb cache images with 85px for galleriffic (and you can't have Custom thumbnail cropping)
      • Apply 555: gives cache images with 555px for galleriffic, for album.php
  • Thanks for all the help guys, I will work on this as soon as I have time, later today.

  • Thanks Vincent the work around worked. Still having performance issues with cache manager which I will mention in a new post.

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
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    @tplowe56 Before you open a new post about the cachemanager please check if you have PHP cURL on your server available. If not please try to enable it if you can.

  • Vincent,

    Here is some documentation showing that the thumbnail naming system is still not matching older thumbnails. If you look at the time stamp, the thumbnail created either by a visitor or the cache manager back in 2016, is not matched by what a visitor generates now with ZP 1.5 or newer. This appears to have been introduced in 1.5, not in your code which would not have been changed during the introduction of Ver. 1.5

    Disregard the 700 size timestamp, that must not have been cached earlier.

    Please make sure acrylian sees this. This issue with naming has been going on for 6 months now.

    Alt text

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    I do see everything posted here ;-) Yes, we made a mistake in 1.5 regarding the cache file names. We have really worked on the cache file naming issue and tested this in an out to get the actual naming back. Vincent was also involved in that.

    Still the cache image name changes depending on how a custom size is set (the parameters I mean).

    The first in the list is the standard thumb size and the last two are default sized image sizes. All these are created like that now. Where the 2nd comes from I cannot tell but this is typically a custom size that sets crop width and heigth specifially. So it would be interesting to know where and by what this is created.

  • Acrylian thanks.
    The problem is that when a visitor goes to an older album, the thumbnails that worked perfectly for many years, are now not matching what the zpArdoise theme is requesting. This occurred after ZP 1.5 was installed and did not happen before.

    Therefore all new thumbnails need to be generated which then triggers a throttling of my website for 24 hours.

  • Vincent, I'm guessing this issue might be caused by using the Gallerific option on your theme.

  • vincent3569 Member, Translator

    have you tried the updated version of zpArdoise?
    as told before, with support build, I no longer have issue and the cached images from user and those from cache image are the same, except for those with a Custom thumbnail cropping.
    so, for me, the issue is solved with current support of zpArdoise and zenphoto.

    in my opinion, one thing is certain, is that the management of the cached images has changed during time, so the old cached images are no longer with the correct name and they must be generated again.

    I understand that this could be a problem if you have a very large gallery and limited server resources.
    but on this last point, I do not really have any solution, except to proceed little by little, album by album for example.
    or create them on a local server (never try because never used).

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    in my opinion, one thing is certain, is that the management of the cached images has changed during time, so the old cached images are no longer with the correct name and they must be generated again.

    Indeed that was the issue we accidentally introduced with 1.5 and think have corrected now. Of course if the cache images had been updated for 1.5 they need again to be updated now to revert it… There is sadly now way around this…

  • Vincent,

    Sorry, I forgot to mention that the update does work. (Thanks!) I have been preoccupied with trying to get the cache manager to work because I still have to regenerate 1000's of thumbnails for my gallery, if I am using with 1.5.1 and thumbnails were generated by 1.4.14

  • Vincent,

    One more question. The support build is generating a preview size for Galleriffic option of "555px". Previous Vers.1.4.5 specifies "525px". Did you make a decision to change the preview size or is this a typo? I want to get this straight before I generate new cached images for my gallery.

    I think if I use ZP 1.4.14 locally and the new zpArdoise support version I can regenerate all the proper cached image sizes for my gallery.

    Thanks for all your help!

  • I see the change from 525px t0 555px was done in zpArdoise-1.4.13. Guess I didn't catch it at the time.

  • Vincent I have decided to switch to Bootstrap, don't bother with this thread.

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