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I have a website that still uses an old version of Zenphoto and recently it only displayed a page that there was a MySQL error while I hadn't changed anything. After contacting my hosting provider, I've set the PHP version back to 5.6 and enabled the MySQL PHP extension (I have no idea why it was disabled). Now, ZenPhoto shows me a blank page with this error:

Zenphoto needs to run setup but the setup scripts are not present. Please reinstall the setup scripts.

I read on this forum that you can get these scripts by downloading the same version of Zenphoto again. However, I have two problems:
1) I have no clue which version of Zenphoto I'm using, as the site hasn't been maintained in quite a few years. How can I figure out which version I need?
2) Where can I get these files, as the version I need is probably older than those available on Github.

Hope you guys can help with this!


  • fretzl Administrator

    You can find the version in zp-core/version.php
    Let us know if you really need a version older than 1.4.4.

  • Ah thanks! It seems like I need the files for version release 9365 and version release 9710 (I have two different installations of Zenphoto).

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