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i am not sure if this is the desired behaviour. It seems, that the 'dismiss' cookie is sometimes set automatically.

I can reproduce this following these steps:
1. Goto my homepage:
Cookie Notice is displayed
2. Now - without clicking the button on the cookie notice click one of the galleries, for example:
No more cookie notice.
Checking the cookies in browser settings shows me, that the Dismiss Cookie is set.

This will also happen when navigating from the homepage to the articles - but not when navigating inside articles or galleries.

Now delete the Cookies from and open the gallery directly:
Cookie Notice is displayed.
Navigate to another album -> Notice displayed

So, why does the cookie notice disappear when navitigating from the homepage?



  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    edited July 2018

    I can reproduce this on your site.

    Note the script is adapted from third parties, so it might be that the script simply assumes you agreed "silently" once you start to browse the site. Which is I think might also in line with the GDPR since you actively do this despite the notice. Would have to study the script's documentation about that.

    There is an option named "Dismiss on Scroll" that would do similar if just starting "to do" something on a site literally.

    PS: Good to see you back on ZP once again ;-)

  • Ralf Member


    thanks for your answer an of course the Welcome :-)

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