help installing Zenphoto

hey guys,
would appreciate some help, getting error saying "Unknown protocol" when trying to run the setup.php :(

archive 1.5 is unpacked in the correct directory, database and users are created, domain is active and correct dns is set up correctly, fact is the site is working properly with a test index.html file. That index file is now deleted and only thing in the directory is Zen photo unpacked... No SSL on the domain, specifying http:// leads to an error which I can closely translate into English like this: Opera cant open the link because your system does not specify an application for the protocol "protocol:" Chrome just opens up a blank( totally white page). Doesnt matter if I specify just the domain name or input the whole path to the setup.php.... Server is a virtual machine with CWP panel with a Wordpress working fine on it, so all apache php mysql is working.

Any suggestions are appreciated, thank you!


  • To summarize both Chrome and Mozilla just open up a totally blank (white) page :(

  • acrylian Administrator, Translator

    Please try the support build (master) from Github. 1.5 has a small bug here.

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