How to change the default /news path to /blog

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Zenpage plugin uses /news as url path for the news items but I'd like it to look like a traditional blog and use /blog in the url instead.
The zenpage code uses the _NEWS_ token variable for the url and mod rewrite. It seems to be defined as option 'zenpageNewsLink', so it seems to be possible to adjust it but in the UI I don't see this option anywhere. How can I change/set this?


  • acrylian Administrator
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    You can use the rewriteToken plugin to change that (and some others).

  • Thanks. I knew I had seen it somewhere but coudn't find it. Strangely it does not get written to the config file (as the plugin describes), otherwise I would have found it.

    $conf['special_pages'] = array(
        'page'=> array('define'=>'_PAGE_', 'rewrite'=>'mypage'),
        'search'=> array('define'=>'_SEARCH_', 'rewrite'=>'_PAGE_/search'),
        'archive'=> array('define'=>'_ARCHIVE_', 'rewrite'=>'_PAGE_/archive'),
        'tags'=> array('define'=>'_TAGS_', 'rewrite'=>'_SEARCH_/tags'),
        'gallery'=> array('define'=>'_GALLERY_INDEX_', 'rewrite'=>'_PAGE_/gallery')
  • acrylian Administrator

    Only the core rewirte tokens you listed above are written to the config file. "news" is stored as an option in the database. The plugin text is probably is a bit too general here…

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    @ Bitwalker:
    It doesn't work "properly".
    @ least it didn't with my install.

    Even I managed that it says in the FE "Blogs" instead of "news" but "news" still remains in the url.

    I'm using the theme Libratus and I can't remember how many files I needed to edit to get the text replaced. :(

    Found this:

  • acrylian Administrator
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    Regarding the default tokens there is a bug in 1.5 indeed. Try the master (support build becoming 1.5.1 sometime soon) from GitHub where that is fixed already.

    However the "news" rewrite token is not related to that. I tried with a plain 1.5 install and it works. The name on the theme itself is hardcoded in several places and must be changed in the theme (which your forum link refers to). The next major release is planned to have options so you can change these "default section names".

  • @ acrylian: thanks 4 the update.

  • Unfortunately in zenphoto the word "news" is hard-coded a bunch of places. those have to be changed to get something like as your "news" index page.

  • acrylian Administrator

    As I wrote above…

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