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Dear Photo Friends—

Thumbnails aren't behaving as I might hope in Z-P 1.5, displaying the Basic theme. If others have encountered these effects, or can suggest solutions, this day will be filled with joy:

1) Five image thumbnails and three album thumbnails are defined in the theme control panel. However, Some sub-albums display four thumbnails per row (see first, third, and fourth links below).

2) Thumbnails at the end of some image rows get pushed down to the (seemingly) right-most position of a truncated next row, rather than the left-most position one row down (see first two links below).

I increased the size of the main div from 750px to 860px in the CSS file; image thumbnails are defined as 130px in the theme control panel.

P.S.: thumbnails in the album-level control panels are square, so it is difficult to change the image order based on landscape or portrait orientation, which I suspect may be playing a role in this puzzle.


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    First the theme is old and was made with square respectively same sized thumbs.

    First link is a combined page of sbubalbums and iamges within the album. These are printed by different functions and therefore are listed separately generally.

    How may thumbs per row you get is determined by the space they occupy and the css' margins/paddings. There is no easy answer. Forget the options for "column/row" you see on the theme options. That is legacy stuff and is going to be removed (and is usesless in responsive enviroments, which for granted most themes are not yet…)

    That some thumbs are are positioned inbetween is normal html behaviour. You have to rework the whole css to change that. Using display: table for example (old way) or a more modern way using flexbox to workaround that.

    thumbnails in the album-level control panels are square

    Default thumbs are, you can modify your theme to use any image/thumb size by usign customimage functions. The basic theme is really basic ;-)

    Hope that helps a bit quickly answered inbetween.

  • Thanks for these tips. I like the simplicity of the Basic design, which strikes me as most Zen-like!

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    Say, acrylian—

    Increasing the width of the div #images allows five thumbnails (or more) per row.

    The height of the last div with class .imagethumb in a row seems to affect whether the next row is fully populated or limited to one thumbnail. Adjusting the image order controls that, albeit in a clunky, time-consuming manner which does not always allow me to present the thumbnails in the order I would prefer.

    Not all of my images are the same size. If I want to keep using this old theme I will have to upload standardized image sizes for landscape and portrait image orientations.

    Still, it's kind of fun to mess around with the CSS.


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    If you have mixed landscape and portrail boxes (does not matter if those are images, same with just divs or whaterver), you have to adjust the css as mentioned above. Otherwise it will not create the "rows" as you like. That's just HTML/CSS and not really a "problem" of the theme itsself.

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