Error: "Target does not exists in .... theme"

These dots are the name of each theme that I chose. An error is reported when I add a new album to the manager menu. The error is also visible in the manager menu on the page in the form of displaying a link instead of the title. Anyway, in every place where there should be a title is the name of the link. Does anyone have an idea where I can look for a mistake? Recently I made two changes on the site, i modified menu_manager.php and upgrade zenphoto to version 1.4.14 and it was all almost simultaneously so I did not notice which was ...
But when I change menu_manager.php to the original it does not change ...


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    "Target does not exists" means generally that your menu set contains Zenphoto items (e.g. albums, images, articlce, pages, categories) that are not existing on your site. Reason can be these items have been deleted or the names (filename, album name, titltelink) have been changed. You need to check that for the items in question.

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