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Hello Folks!

I am thinking of migrating from gallery2 (Menalto) to Zenphoto.

I would like to send to every registered user an email containing the photo of the day, album of the day, even specifyng a tag with frequency with a kind of template facility within Zenphoto. This could be deactivated in user profile for instance. I haven't found any extension so far that could do the trick. There is already some kind of basic brick that could help like

Would it be difficult to develop?

Thanks for your feedback/ideas.



  • acrylian Administrator

    There is indeed no extension for this. Can't say how difficult it would be without investigating naturally.

    This could hook into the cron runner like the database backup plugin does. If you need a facility on the user profile it might get a bit more complicated.

    There is a user mailing list plugin as well you could possibly. It would not recommend to send "mass mails" or newsletters via your own server for the danger of being considered as spam. If you have a lot of users a newsletter service might probably be better.

  • Thank you acrylian. I will check that!

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