Slideshow integration

I am trying to integrate a slideshow but I am having problems calling the album url dynamically. The script I am using is activated by adding "&slideshow" onto the end of the album url so I need to be able to get that for each album.

I assume this has something to do with the "getAlbumLinkURL" call but no matter how I edit it, the closest I can get is to have the url with a trailing slash and then the required "&slideshow". Obviously I need to lose the trailing slash in between the url to get it to work.

“�? – is the closest I have managed to get but doesn’t work.
“�? –works great if I type it in manually

I am currently using mod rewrite if that is of relevance.

Any help or advice please?


  • acrylian Administrator

    You apparently don't show the complete picture of what you are trying to do since the included official slideshow2 plugin does not work with those url queries anyway.

    The slash in would actually not disturb anything if you actually check the $_GET index.

    Why don't you just follow the way all included themes do it? Create a slideshow.php theme file matching your theme's layout or different and then all will work as expected. Here is also a bare bones example:

    You can also use the printSlidesShow() function directly with any album. See the documentation:

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