improvements of cache manager

I have a look on improvements of cache manager.
as far I can see, there is a new button "Cleanup image cache sizes".
what is the difference between the exsting one "Purge Image cache"?


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    edited September 2018

    Totally different.

    • "Purge image cache" clears the cache
    • "Cleanup image cache sizes" clears the sizes registered to the cacheManager. It works the following way:
      • "admin" sizes is always kept since always needed as are "default" sizes
      • Sizes of themes not available are removed (the list to select also filters out inactive themes as you most likey don't need them in that moment)
      • Sizes from inactive plugins are removed
      • All custom sizes - those you set manually on the plugin options - are kept since there is no secure way to know if they still may be needed or not.
  • ok that's clear

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