Zenphoto version 1.46

Is it possible to get a copy of the installation file for Zenphoto 1.46 ?
I need to convert several Menalto Gallery installations to Zenphoto so as to allow me to upgrade the web site to PHP 7. Meanwhile it is running PHP 5.6 - I want to use a Zenphoto which is compatible with that version of PHP and convert later to the most recent once PHP 7 is being used.
The reason is that I get odd problems if I use Zenphoto 1.5 on my present PHP 5.6 web site so I would like a compatible Zenphoto version to do the work on.

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  • acrylian Administrator

    Actually current Zenphoto should also work on 5.6 even if we don't actively test it. What issues did you encounter under 5.6?

    But nevertheless the 1.4.6 release is available on GitHub:

  • Thank you. I will then continue with 1.5 for now and see how it goes.

    The two main problems - suddenly I can no longer login: I have tried the various solutions suggested on the forum without success.

    Secondly from time to time I get the 'cross site forgery blocked' message - it may be a cache artefact as I see that today it has gone away!

    Many thanks,

  • acrylian Administrator
    1. Did you update correctly? I mean did you enter the same database credentials on upgrading? If there is any mistake it will be a fresh database respectively tables tha don't "know" your former user.

    2. When do you get that exactly? It may be cache or outdated cookies or you are just doing something you shouldn't ;-)

    I don't think any of this is 5.6 vs 7. But you should in any case review the error logs (ZP's and the server's PHP one if you can).

  • You asked 2. When do you get that exactly? - 'cross site forgery blocked' message

    It seems I get it if I am running two separate instances of two different zenphoto installations in my browser at the same time - as I do sometimes, for instance, to make sure that various options are the same for both.


  • acrylian Administrator

    You mean you are logged into to different installs at the same time and get this? That should not cause this issue actually…

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