hitcounter ?

I have read up all the old forum posts I could find about hitcounter - I can't find anything in the documentation.

the hitcounter plugin is enabled.

So far as I understand from those posts, inserting this code into image.php:

<?php hitcounter("image",false); ?>

should record 'hits' into the image table of the database
and this code

<?php echo hitcounter("image",false); ?>

should, at the same time, display the hit total for that image.

Inserting getHitcounter() works fine - except that the count is always 0

Inserting either of the hitcounter statements above into my image.php breaks the html page at that point.

Perl is my script language, so I may be doing something wrong with PHP but if so I can't see what it is.

Should there be some sort of include for hitcounter in my header.php?

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  • fretzl Administrator
    edited October 2018

    There is just one function to use i.e. getHitcounter().
    If you want a hitcounter on your image.php you would need something like this:
    <?php echo "Views: " . getHitcounter(); ?>

    Note that hits are not counted if you are logged in.

  • Thank you so much - that (and the logged in ) explains it - in that case all is well with my site!

    Much conflicting info in the forum.

    Many thanks for your prompt help.


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