File download function

Is there a simple function to download the image being viewed?
The usual type of download that drops the downloaded file into a folder on your computer?
The ZPBase theme I am using has a Download written in to the image.php but all you get if you click on this link is a fullpage view of the file (from which you can indeed download the image by right clicking) - but I would like a download button which would download the file to the viewer's computer.

I have found this function:
function printDownloadURL($file, $linktext = NULL)
531: * Prints a download link for a file, depending on the plugin options including the downloadcount and filesize
532: * @param string $file the path to a file to print a download link.
533: * @param string $linktext Optionally how you wish to call the link. Set/leave to NULL to use the filename.

but it doesn't seem to work - what would I insert as the $file parameter?



  • acrylian Administrator

    the path to a file

    So the full url that for example getFullImageURL() returns.

  • Thank you for your quick reply - that did now work in this instance either - but I discovered that what I needed to make it work was an option setting in the image options to allow downloads !!
    Simple when you can find out how!
    Many thanks,

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