Upgrade from 1.4, no "go" button...

Upgrading (or trying to) from v1.4.14 to v1.5. Copied my zenphoto.cfg.php into zp-data in the new directory structure, pulled up photos/zp-core/setup.php. Got the upgrade page with most everything a green checkmark (the PHP MySQLi and PDO_MySQL support is a green circle). But, I seem to recall a "GO" type button at the bottom to actually start the upgrade. Now it shows a list of tables as the last item in the list, and there's nothing below that.

How do I proceed?




  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    If you upgraded you actually would not have to copy your config file unless you were moving your installation.

    If there is no "Go" button something must not be right yet. Please review the setup log, the debug log (both in zp-data) and perhaps also your server PHP error log.

  • Hmm.. The debug.log is complaining about not being able to create/write /var/tmp/#sql_2da1_0.MAI "No such file or directory". I suspect it's something with systemd, since the standard /var/tmp is wide open (but systemd's container that apache runs in may be at fault).

    For years, I've upgraded by unwinding the tar file, copying my config, creating a symlink to the album, then moving the referencing symlink for "photos" to the new zenphoto directory. I have never seen any "official" methodology for upgrading. Is there a better way?

  • My problem turned out to be an issue with systemd after booting with /var at 100% full. Fixed that and restarted most of the systemd units and things are working fine now. Upgraded to 1.5 without issue.

    Still curious if there is a better (make that "proper") way to upgrade, though.

  • fretzl Administrator, Developer

    Glad you got it working!
    The link to the user guide article on Installation, upgrading and requirements is actually right below the download buttons on the homepage ;-)

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