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Long time no see, I'm glad to see that Zenphoto is so successful! :)

I want to include the Zenpage posts in the Albums-View as follows:
Album 1 (13th of March)
Album 2 (14th of March)
News1 (15th of March)
Album 3 (16th of March)
News2 (18th of March)

and so on.

I have already managed to collect the timestamps and names of the zenpage posts and the albums and I have sorted them by the timestamps. The resulting array looks like this:

array(3) { [0]=> array(3) {
["Datum"]=> int(1343080800)
["Name"]=> string(9) "Test-Post"
["type"]=> string(4) "news" }
[2]=> array(3) {
["Datum"]=> int(1343141224)
["Name"]=> string(10) "Test-Album"
["type"]=> string(7) "gallery"

Now I am looking for a function like makeAlbumCurrent(); that I can use to output the albums.

Any suggestions? :)




  • fretzl Administrator, Developer

    Can you please change the title of your topic to something that actually makes sense?

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    edited November 2018

    I second fretzl's request for a proper topic title ;-)

    As far as I understand you want a combine listing of albums and articles on the same page, the album.php? This is not directly possible with the standard theming especially not with proper pagination.

    There was once a feature called "CombiNews" that allowed albums being listed within articles (so the other way round). This was technically a "beast" (especially to maintain) since both item types work a bit different being different tables and it was outside the core object model. Therefor it was dropped a while ago.

    But it would be possible to mix articles within albums if you don't care that the items per page number may vary and that pagination may be a bit weird.

    There is no makeArticleCurrent() function. Instead take a look at the object model that lies below everything:

    Info on the Zenpage classes here:

    Fetch the articles and on those that match the album date of the page create an news article object. You then could pass that object to the global $_zp_current_news_article to use standard news article template functions. Or you use the object model directly. It may have some unexpected side effects though.

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