Comments disabled yet still available to anyone?

I'm using Zenphoto version 1.4.6, hosted on Bluehost.
I have a gallery with 5 private password protected albums, and one public album.
I don't want to disable the comments plugin entirely because I want to allow comments in the private albums.
The administrator control panel shows the public album is set for "Comments off".
Yet, any unauthenticated user can see the "Add a comment:" forms in the public album and post comments.
This is being used by spammers.

How can I disable comments from the public album?
Why doesn't the "Comments off" setting from the administrator "Albums" tab actually disable comments?


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    Note that 1.4.6 is from 2014 and not the current release. I cannot reproduce this with the current 1.5.

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