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I'm new to zenPHOTO and I would like to thank all of you, driving such a great project. It offers all I really need to publish my own photos based on a database and allowing perfect search in the same time. So thanks to all of you.

I'm managing my own webside, This works really fine, but there is one thing, I would like to improve. May be, someone has the right idea. The resolution of the pictures, shown in the slideshow at the top of the page is, somehow, poor. Even if I upload better larger pictures, the resolution is not as expected. At the moment I struggle at this point and I really would like to present the slide in better quality. I haven't found any option in the theme setting. May be, someone can help here?

Thanks, Christian



  • Quality of the pics in your slideshow looks good to me.

    checked with

    • 1024x1280

    • 2560x1600

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    Thanks ;-) You also might want to adjust the compression value which is set on Options > Image (only applies to jpegs naturally. Note that you have to clear the image cache to see any effect.

    It is generally recommended to upload not that strongely compressed images because processing them to show on the site (cropping, reszing) always results in some double compression otherwise.

  • Thanks, I guess I forgot to reset the cache. I installed the plugin and did the reset. Looks better now.

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