Vincent I have decided to switch to Bootstrap going forward. Is it very difficult for my to use the Bootstrap Customizer to change the colors of the theme? I'd like to generate a dark version.


  • hi
    I don't have provided such a feature on zpBootstrap, unlike zpArdoise where I proposed an option to change between clear theme and dark one.

    I used the Bootstrap Customizer to have a custom bootstrap version to suit my need.
    In the zip file (and of course on github), I provide the original boostrap package (3.3.7), and the compiled package.
    then I copied the needed files of the compiled pacakge (css, js,...) in the relevant directories of my theme.

    the best way to achive your needs, is to load the provided config.json file in folder "zpBootstrap/_bootstrap_3.4.0/bootstrap-compiled/" and modify the requested values in the section "less variables" (colors, scafoldings, and probably tables, buttons, forms, dropdowns and navbar).

    be carefull with css files : boostrap.css is loaded first and then zpBoostrap.css, that overwrite some css values of bootstap.

  • Vincent,

    Three questions about Bootstrap.

    1.) On image pages i get the image caption printing twice at the bottom of the image, once on the image and once below the image. I had this fixed on a previous version of Bootstrap, but my old mod no longer works.

    2.) Related: The exif data is not printing on image page even though it is correctly setup. It does show on other themes. I would like to get it show up below the image, where the caption is printing twice.

    3.) I have albums containing links to embedded YouTube Videos using the "class-textobject" plugin and designating the use of the Basic Theme for the Video Albums. Bootstrap Forums say it is easy to embed YouTube videos in bootstrap, but I get an error when using the same embed code as used for Basic theme. Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance.

  • If this code is commented out (as shown), both captions are removed:


        /*caption : function( instance, item ) {
            if ($(this).find('.caption').length) {
                return $(this).find('.caption').html();
            } else {
                return $(this).attr('title');
        }, */
  • vincent3569 Member
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    question 1: I don't understand. In image page (image.php), there is no caption on image. can you provide a link?

    question 2: there is theme options to show tags and exif on image page (image.php). there is a popup diplayed after click icon "i".
    tags and exif are not shown on album page and with fancybox.

    question 3: in fact, I have never tried, can you provide a link?

    last point: this is the caption of fancybox, not of my theme directly
    you can also remove these lines of inc_print_image_thumb.php:

                            <div class="hide caption">
                                <h4><?php printBareImageTitle(); ?></h4>
                                <?php echo printImageDesc(); ?>
  • Vincent,

    EXIF is fine I didn't realize there was a non fancybox image invoked by clicking the file name. Sorry!

    I removed <?php echo printImageDesc(); ?> from both

    That solved my problems. It was caused because my Lightroom setup fills in the "Caption" field in the EXIF data, with a copy of the file name without the file suffix.

    I also got the Videos to play fine if the user clicks on the file name link rather than the image which sidesteps fancybox.

    So every thing is looking good.

    One problem.

    I can't get zpBootstrap 2.2 to register with the CacheManager on my local or on my live install. Not sure what is causing this. I was able to get zpBootstrap 2.1 to register but not all sizes. I will create sizes manually for now.


  • vincent3569 Member
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    that'is not an issue of my theme, that is the new behavior of zenphot 1.5.1 and zpBoostrap 2.2 is compliant with it:
    in cache manager

    -Apply Default thumb size (or manual crop)
    -Apply Default sized image size

    create the cache images of zpBootstrap if defined as theme.

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
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    Sidenote: Registering the default sizes changed in 1.5.1. We are working on the cache manager issues. Sadly the new way works fine on my local and live install but does not on fretzl's live install (which makes no sense since it works but it does not display anything until finished which makes no sense - which is what you also see probably). We uploaded screencasts here: https://www.zenphoto.org/test/ The 2nd is how it should work…

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