different user rights to albums

sorry for my poor english...

I've searched the forum but didn't found a answer for my question.

I've ca. 10 albums with subalbums, all accessible only for registered users (members only). The gallery isn't public at all, I create the less users myself.

Now I want to restrict that some of the users only see selected albums, so that they couldn't see all albums. I can't found this to do :-(

Any suggestions?

Many thanks


  • Hi,

    of course I've found and read this before. But I can't find out how restrict view access to selected albums for different users (e.g. user1 should see all albums, but user2 only album2 and album3). I see only possibility for management what not is what I want. Or do I have a problem with understanding the process of granting rights?


  • acrylian Administrator
    edited January 27

    You can set the rights mentioned on the user accounts which you cannot miss. As documented it is only possible for top level albums.

    Yes, rights to see/access albums on the backend is tied to management rights. All else is front end only. But album management differs between view and edit rights in combination with the publish state.

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