different user rights to albums

sorry for my poor english...

I've searched the forum but didn't found a answer for my question.

I've ca. 10 albums with subalbums, all accessible only for registered users (members only). The gallery isn't public at all, I create the less users myself.

Now I want to restrict that some of the users only see selected albums, so that they couldn't see all albums. I can't found this to do :-(

Any suggestions?

Many thanks


  • Hi,

    of course I've found and read this before. But I can't find out how restrict view access to selected albums for different users (e.g. user1 should see all albums, but user2 only album2 and album3). I see only possibility for management what not is what I want. Or do I have a problem with understanding the process of granting rights?


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
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    You can set the rights mentioned on the user accounts which you cannot miss. As documented it is only possible for top level albums.

    Yes, rights to see/access albums on the backend is tied to management rights. All else is front end only. But album management differs between view and edit rights in combination with the publish state.

  • Xavier Member


    sorry for my poor English (me too !).
    First thanks a lot for this marvellous tool.

    I read carefully the overview of rights management - many times.

    I have a master album, and many dynamic albums. Gallery is private. I use the master album to collect the pictures, I tag them and the dynamic albums use the tags to select pictures for particular users.

    Gallery is private. For (useless ?) security reasons I want to give access to unpublished pictures to registered users, so that I don't need to publish the albums (I want them to stay private).

    So for example there is an user who can access unpublished pictures in a particular dynamic album. But when he access this album, no pictures appears. If I publish the pictures in the main static album, the user see the pictures (but my main album has its pictures published and I don't want that).

    I tried to use the passwords in the albums with the gallery set to public (I don't like that) but there also some troubles.

    Is it possible to use the rights management with dynamic albums using pictures in a unpublished static album ?

    I tried, tried, tried without success. There is something I don't understand or I misuse the system ?

    Many thanks.

    PS : I'm trying to use Zenphoto's users as "circles" in Google+.

  • Xavier Member

    Hello, I just want to add that if I don't publish the dynamic album (with Gallery private) but not the static and not the pictures in the static album, with rights to see unpublished pictures for the user on the dynamic album and with no checkbox selected in front of the static album (in his rights) the user can access only his album and see the unpublished pictures. But, in this configuration, slideshow2 asks for a password.

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
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    Is it possible to use the rights management with dynamic albums using pictures in a unpublished static album ?

    You currently can only set rights to top level albums. That can be a real album or a dynamic album (="saved search"). I admit I haven't tried your setup at all. But I would assume that you have to give that user rights to the dynamic album as well as the actual album(s) it gets its images from. The images within a dynamic album would actually inherit the rights of their real album as expected behavioir. So you would expect no one to be able to see images within a dynamic album he has no rights to see in the real album.

    PS : I'm trying to use Zenphoto's users as "circles" in Google+.

    I don't understand what that means. Google+ is dead after all, isn't it?

  • Xavier Member

    Thank you very much for the answer.

    "The images within a dynamic album would actually inherit the rights of their real album as expected behavior" is the information I needed. I will think about my setup with this and eventually come back here. I'll test again but I'm quite sure that slideshow2 can't display pictures from a dynamic album if the users has no rights in the static album.

    Concerning Google +, yes it's dead. I wanted to say that I was trying to have a setup

    • with a single "actual", "static" album (so it is easy via FTP to upload from Photo Mechanics) ;
    • with tags in Zen Photo allowing the creation of dynamic albums (tags works like the G+ "Circles") ;
    • specific rights on the dynamic albums for certain users so they can access the pictures with the specific tag (i.e. "friends", "family", and so on).
      With this setup I save place on my server because one photo can be in different albums.

    The trouble is that if I grant access to all users to the main actual album, I want to avoid that they access to it, because I want that they only see the pictures in the dynamic album. Maybe if I don't give access to them to the gallery I can avoid it ? (Even if the try directly the link of the main album ?). I will test that. Any idea is welcome because I may not have taken the problem by the good end !

    Again, thank you.


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    Yes, if the users have no right to hte actual album the images are from, the dynamic album will not override that. That would really be confusing behaviour otherwise.

    But do you really need protection? Perhaps you can use the publish state of the original album respectively its images instead? Unpublish the original album but publish the images you want in the dyamic album should work actually. Then give them rights to the dynamic album that fetches those.

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