Gallery Stats: un-published and publishContent

The "Overview-Dashbord" shows in the field "Gallery Stats" that there are 4 un-published images.
The plugin publishContent is active and when clicking on it is says, that all images are published.

This install hosts currently

  • 30 pictures

  • 11 folders

But Gallery Stats in the overview says:

  • 34 Images (4 un-published)
    11 Albums

Where does ZP get the information, that there would be 34 images in the folders?



  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    edited February 2019

    Did you do a database refresh? It takes the data from the database but if you meanwhile changed anything on the file system it might not be synced yet. This especially happens if you remove files via FTP. ZP does not scan everything constantly as you don't want that performance killer. So it only re-scans on visiting either the backend albums page or the related pages on the front end. Or you do it via the database refresh on request.

  • You're fantastic!
    "Refresh the database" did the trick!

    Yes, I deleted some pics via ftp earlier...


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