Image Rating + popular images

Right from the start: Rating Plugin is not activated.

Where does ZPC get the ratings if pictures can't get rated by website visitors?

I am facing the situation that ZPC displays "rated" pictures:

Can it be, that ZPC is reading the ratings from within the picture/metadata?
I am thinking of Darktable and/or DigiKam. I was running into some "issues" with both apps.

If the Ratings Plugin isn't active, where does ZPC get the information which pictures are actually "popular"?



  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    edited February 2019

    From the database field named "rating" (all four item types have that). If that plugin was never active and therefore there is no value, the order is rather randmon since all have the same value. So to have an effect there must be some kind of rating.

    This is entirely something this theme does. None of the offical onees do that.

  • Ok, I c, so the title of this subject should rather start with "Libratus: ratings + popular" :)
    I'll walk through the database entries.

    What about the popular images?

    Is this related with "ratings" or is this related with "most visited" pictures?


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    edited February 2019

    Sorry, I really should not answer inbetween doing other stuff:

    • Popular: Order by db column hitcount
    • Most rated: Order by db column total_votes
    • Top rated: Calculated results via query using two db columnstotal_value/total_votes

    The later two also know a threshold value optionally. See the image_album_statisics plugin which the theme should use (don't remember right now).

    So of course all these make no sense if neither the hitcounter is calculated nor anything has been or can be rated ;-)

  • Yes, there were entries in your mentioned fields.
    Lucky me - I already thought that it related with the offline workflow...

    I would think that the database entries were happening during the test phase before going live.

    Thanks for your support!

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