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I would like to create a new theme forked from zpBootstrap @vincent3569 and why not share it.

I would like to setup a git architecture in order to pull latest zenphoto and zpBootstrap repos, modify the forked version locally then push on my remote git server connected to a dev host, then push it to a prod branch on same server.

But I do not know how to integrate all of that. I use IDE PhpStorm 2019. Can you help me? What is the best way to implement these mechanisms? I know svn but git is definitely the best now.

Thank you for your help.




  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    We appreciate new themes especially from third parties!

    We're using Git via GitHub and pretty straightforward.

    Generally if you create a repo or a fork repo from another you do check out it locally normally anyway and push back your changes to that remote repository. Isn't that basically what you like to do? GitHub has good documentation of all these things.

    We're doing all development work locally in a MAMP setup that way. I am using Netbeans btw and a separate Git client named SourceTree and GitHubs Desktop for checking out repos locally.

  • vincent3569 Member
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    my experience:

    I use Github Desktop (
    I clone locally zenphoto that I keep sync with Desktop. I pull all zenphoto commits and sometimes I push some commits (mainly as french translator).

    I also made a fork of zenphoto (called zenphoto-dev) because I use personnal hacks of the core (I haven't push them to github and I use these hacks locally). Sometimes I also push pull request to zenphot team as contributor.
    now, with desktop I can keep it sync with zenphoto commits.
    It is a little bit complacated (you have to define zenphoto as upstream and sync my fork from upstream) but It's more simple now since the Desktop team added this use case.

    as I don't have a local server, I manage all files locally, and export theem with ftp on a prod or test server.

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