zpBootstrap - Social media links do not work on Android

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Vincent - I noticed this awhile ago, but have been unable to resolve. Social media links do not work on Android. They do work on iOS tablets, but not phones. This is demonstrable with Chrome dev mode and, I have tested live on Android.



  • acrylian Administrator

    zpBoostrap uses Addthis, right? So it might be its fault since it loads external scripts that your Android might be blocking (despite it might not be compatible with the GDPR here in the EU).

    Perhaps the theme alternatively could support the scriptless-socialsharing plugin included in Zenphoto instead?

  • Yes it is AddThis. I was thinking same thing as you, and checked all my settings on my Samsung S8, and could not get the links to trigger. But I just found out if I switch to "Desktop Site" (on my android) they do trigger.

  • hi
    yes, I have the same trouble with latest release of Firefox.
    some snipets are blooking by FF.
    I have no solution for that, or as Mälte suggests before, use instead the scriptless-socialsharing plugin.

  • acrylian Administrator

    Did you check if maybe any element is accidentally overlapping the buttons via position and z-index on responsive resizing? I had this issue before as well.

  • Of course, I have a look on that.
    As far I remember, snipet content is filtered, and I can't seen it with dev tools. So there is no masked/overlapped icons.
    In fact, that is a FF beehavior with some snipets, for privacy reasons.

  • acrylian Administrator

    In fact, that is a FF beehavior with some snipets, for privacy reasons.

    That might very well be since addthis is technically a tracker script.

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