Moving images between albums without Apply?

Is there any way to make a move or copy in an image list without doing it and then having to press Apply at the top or bottom?? I just want it to happen right there, since there are tons of images and scrolling to the apply button is not easy..


  • There is no way to execute the move/copy short of the "apply" button. But there is a chevron at the bottom of the page that will take you directly back to the top where the "apply" button is.

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    edited February 2019

    There is no chevron at the bottom of the page actually but we indeed should add that. You can also scroll the page up or down via your keyboard. Depending on your OS there are several key combinations. For example in Mac that is Command + Arrow.

  • Sorry, that chevron has been in netPhotoGraphics for so long I just presumed it came from the zenphoto builds.

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